Josh Rose is a Pop-Rock Singer/Songwriter from Appleton, Wisconsin. In his early 20’s Josh moved to NYC to pursue his passion. After about a year of playing local gigs with his guitar he was signed and later flown to Seoul, South Korea to work with top-tier producers and artists in Asia.

Accompanied by the trend-setting production team and co-writers Yeyo Sound, “Stay The Life” marks Josh’s first official release.

Josh has has lived in Wisconsin, NYC, and London. He now splits time living, writing, and working in Seoul and Appleton.




Unlike many artists, Josh wasn’t raised in a musical environment; most of his youth influence came from church, choir class, the music of Michael Jackson, and whatever his parents had on the top-40 radio.

As he got older, Josh found himself gravitating more to underground Indy-Rock groups leading to his biggest musical influence Something Corporate ( which became “Jack’s Mannequin”, now “Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness”).

In a more general sense, Josh often listens to old Jazz (Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Nina Simone, etc.), modern Pop (Ed Sheeran, Nick Jonas, H.E.R., Gallant, Bruno Mars, Majid Jordan), and modern Hip Hop (J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, Joey Bada$$, Meek Mill).

The combination of these different influences make up the sound that is Josh Rose; a little Pop, a little Rock, a little Lyrical, all wrapped up with a modern trendiness.



Josh grew up on stage.  Whether singing in church, playing violin in Elementary school, Saxophone in Jr. High and High school, or acting both in theatre and competitively, his feet seemed to always be on a stage.

Yet, his journey as his own artist didn’t truly begin until his late teens when he met a man named John Marsh.  John would go on to become a major musical mentor to Josh. John did everything from guide live performances, lend concert gear, to even building a home-studio in his basement for Josh and other musicians to practice and write in. It was through John that Josh got his first legitimate production education and took his first step into a professional music career.

In University Josh created his first real band.  Together they wrote, rehearsed, and played festivals, parties, coffee shops, and bars all over Wisconsin. They had even recorded a few demos in John Marsh’s home studio, but after graduating University Josh made the decision to take his dream seriously; he moved to New York City.

Josh’s solo career began in NYC. Without his band, he was forced to be the writer, performer, concert booker, and promoter all-in-one. With help from a few incredible friends along the way, Josh performed with just his voice and guitar at concert venues all over the city. It was at “The Bitter End” on Bleeker St. where Josh Rose was officially discovered. In the Fall of 2010 Josh moved to Seoul, South Korea to write and record his debut solo album with one of the most influential and respected Producers in Asia, Taewan “C-Luv” Kim.

Josh’s time in Korea has been one dedicated to developing his artistic maturity.  Taewan wasn’t only Josh’s producer, but also his teacher and brother.  Taewan showed Josh every in-and-out of the industry, including some of the not-so-nice parts. Josh and Taewan created some incredible music over their 6 years of writing together.  On a few occasions those songs were a mouse-click from being released, but certain circumstances prevented it.

After being introduced to Yeyo Sound by Taewan, and with Taewan’s blessing, Yeyo and Josh began working on a couple side projects in 2016. Those side projects would go on to become Josh’s debut songs.

From the beginning Josh always wanted his music to inspire people.  Whether it was a basic pop song or something far deeper the motivation was to always give listeners a connection, move them emotionally, and to make them feel something.