Josh Rose is a Pop-Rock Singer/Songwriter from Appleton, Wisconsin.  After graduating college, Josh moved to NYC, was signed within a year, and less than a year later flown to Seoul, Korea to work with the top producer in Asia for the next 5 years.

Josh has been living, writing, and producing his first professional mainstream album in Korea with some of the most exciting minds in modern music; while also working with some of the most influencial artists and personalities in Korea. Josh has been blessed with an incredible and tight-knit, loyal fanbase spreading as far as Iran, to Korea, to back home in America and beyond, interacting with them as often as possible on social media.

Josh has has lived in both NYC and London. He now lives, writes, and works in Seoul, South Korea.



Unlike many artists, Josh wasn’t raised in a musical environment; most of his influence came from church, choir class, watching Michael Jackson on TV, and whatever his parents had on the radio or MTV. As he got older, Josh found himself gravitating more to the underground Indy-Rock groups like Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin, Spill Canvas, Taking Back Sunday, and more while still finding heavy influence from pop and hip-hop on the radio.  The combination of these different influences make up the sound that is now Josh Rose; a little Pop, a little Rock, a little Lyrical, all wrapped up with a modern trendiness.

Ever since Josh was young he knew he wanted to be a performer. He played the violin in elementary school, the saxophone for 7 years in Jr. High and High School, and then taught himself how to play Guitar. However, his stage experience began with acting. In High School, Josh was trained extensively by who would become one of his life’s biggest mentors, Debra Weiher-Trass, on how to be a great performer. Constant rehearsals, theatre productions, and statewide acting competitions led to multiple awards, scholarships, and even national accolades.


In Josh’s late teens he became close to a gentleman by the name of John Marsh; John would go on to become a major musical mentor to Josh. John did everything from guide live performances, lend concert gear, to building a home-studio in his basement for Josh and another very talented musician, Zec’kiah Douglas, to practice and write in. It was through John that Josh got his first legitimate production education and took his first step into a professional music career.


In College, Josh met some classmates at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and created his first real band, Moment of Truth. Together, they were continually writing, rehearsing, and playing festivals, parties, coffee shops, and bars all over Wisconsin. They had even recorded quite a few demos in John Marsh’s home studio. After Josh transferred schools to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Moment of Truth began to play shows less and less. The group unofficially disbanded once Josh had moved to London, England to finish school at the University of Hertfordshire, but they still remain close. After graduating and returning to the U.S., Josh made the decision that would take his dream into overdrive; he moved to New York City.


Josh’s solo career began in NYC. Without Moment of Truth, he was forced to be the writer, performer, concert booker, and promoter all-in-one. With help from a few incredible friends along the way, Josh performed with just his voice and guitar at concert venues all over the city. It was at “The Bitter End” on Bleeker St. where Josh Rose was officially discovered. In the Fall of 2010 Josh moved to Seoul, South Korea to write and record his debut solo album with one of the most influential and respected Producers in Asia, Taewan “C-Luv” Kim.

bitter end

Josh’s time in Korea has been one dedicated to developing his artistic maturity through the tutelage of Taewan. The creation of his official debut album has been a process done meticulously and artistically. Before the project began they both agreed that they would rather release nothing if it weren’t something they were profoundly proud of. With this belief set, Josh and Taewan have taken their time in creating an album that they are now anxiously awaiting to debut. The result of this incredible journey is a musical anthology that not only encapsulates Josh as an artist and as a person, but also serves as an impactful collection of songs that anyone can connect to.

From the beginning Josh always wanted his music to inspire people, to give listeners a connection and move them emotionally, to make them feel something deep in their bones much like the feeling that has driven him to be unrelenting. Just like in his own life, Josh’s music expresses that raw emotion that from nothing can be everything…if you want it.